OWMD – “A Once In A Lifetime Field Trip For The World’s Ultimate Travel Junkies”

Reading the live time tweets and blog postings from those participating on the Star Alliance Megado late 2011, I quickly became green with envy at all the fun that was being had.  I truly had messed up by not signing up.  Enter the 2012 OWMD (One World Mega Do.)  What is a mega do?  The best summary and overview of the experience can be found  here.

The Global Nerve Center Of All AA Operations At DFW

Suffice to say, it was definitely a unique one in a lifetime experience that I won’t soon forget.  While each participant enjoyed the experience most for different reasons, I truly enjoyed the first hand access to American and Hyatt executives (all of whom traveled with us on our journey, including on our chartered ‘party plane’ from DFW – SEA – LAX)  the special access to the Boeing 737 assembly line and customer experience centers  and the Cathay 777 and Qantas A380 super jumbos which were towed over to meet us in LAX for a run of plane experience.

Can’t wait for the next one!

American Execs Hobnobbing With Attendees On The Party Plane

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