Part 1: Building An Asian Experience Around A(nother) Mistake Fare

Places Visited: Tokyo, Japan, Beijing, China, Xi’an, China, Pyongyang, DPRK, Rangon, Myanmar, Bagan, Myanmar


Travel Dates:  March 26 – April 14

Part 1:  Building An Asian Experience Around A(nother) Mistake Fare
Part 2: First Stop – Japan
Part 3: Off To The Chaos of China and North Korea
Part 4: Air Koryo Flight 252, PEK – FNJ
Part 5:  DPRK  The Arrival
Part 6:  Statues And Souvenirs
Part 7:  Homeward Bound
Part 8:  Xi’an and Terra Cotta Warriors
Part 9:  Myanmar, Land Of A Thousand Pagodas


Several months ago, there were a series of currency fluctuations that resulted in not one, but three separate rounds of mis-priced ‘mistake’ fares, all one way, originating from Myanmar, a place that was very much on my list of places to visit.  Depending on which round you got in on, the tickets were either in Business or First Class – and on various carriers.  Most were fully flexible and refundable when booked via an online portal (in my case,  In otherwords, book a few dates, and if it doesn’t work out, you can get a full refund!   I booked 6 (!)  In the end, I used just one, conveniently routing through LAX.

When a mistake fare appears, book immediately, sort out details later.  There was a frequent flyer meetup in Japan in late March that looked fun (a ‘do’) so I booked the one way ticket home from RGN for two weeks after.  I had the bones of my trip.  Now I had to figure out how to get there.

Having a huge stash of Hilton points, the Conrad Tokyo was a no brainer using a 4 night AXON award for 145,000 points (unfortunately, no longer available.)   My outbound award flight was easily found on AA in business class on the date I needed it.  I also decided to try to work in a trip to North Korea and Xi’an, both places high on my list to visit, and ultimately end up in RGN (Rangoon, Myanmar) to catch my ‘mistake fare’ return home.

NEXT – Part 2: First Stop – Japan


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