Part 4: Norway In A Nutshell With A Stopover In Flam

Intro: Circling Southern Norway With A Side Trip To Turkey
Part 1: Getting To Oslo Via ORD Seminars
Part 2: Exploring Oslo
Part 3: Circling Southern Norway: Kristiansand, Stavanger And Bergen
Part 4: Norway In A Nutshell With A Stopover In Flam
Part 5: Turkey – Exploring Istanbul
Part 6: Turkey – Magical Cappadocia
Part 7: Flying Home In Style

The Bergen train station is about a 10 minute walk from the Radisson, and town center.  I had taken the Norway In A Nutshell tour on my previous visit, an all day round trip from Bergen (there are several routings with various iterations possible for each.)   This time we’d be leaving from Bergen and arriving in Oslo a day later.  The overnight in Flam would allow for time to explore the scenic fjord town in the afternoon, and hop back on for our final leg to Oslo the next morning, avoiding travelling at night with nothing to see.

The Bergen Train Station

The tour is very flexible – you pick what you want to do when you want to do it, your itinerary will be pieced together for you with some combination of the routing on this map.  Options are plentiful in the summer, off season not as much.


Our first leg was on the train and even though it was raining, there was some amazing scenery.

View From Inside The Train

We then boarded a bus that would transfer us a short way to our ferry.  There were no bad views.

More Views From Inside The Bus This Time

Our final ride of the day, the Ferry depositing us in Flam.

Ferry Depositing Us In Flam

We checked into the historic Freitheim Hotel, booked via the NIN website at a slight discount.  The hotel was warm and cozy, and had a whole lot of character.  Even though it has been around for ages, was modern and comfortable with one of the best breakfasts I’d had on the trip.

Lobby Of Freitheim Hotel
Breakfast Spread

It was a little soggy out, but we did a bit of shopping and exploring, including some hikes around the hotel.

Map With Local Hikes

IMG_1149 IMG_1154

The next morning we boarded a train that would take us along the famous Flam Railway.  The ride is 45 minutes with television screens in each car guiding you through the journey.


The Inside Of The Train
Rounding A Corner On The Scenic Ride

We stopped once along the way at Kjosfossen waterfall for a photo op.


Our onward train was waiting in Myrdal to take us the rest of the way to Oslo.  The journey took 4 long hours, but the scenery was beautiful with the train travelling at a high enough altitude to experience our first snow of the trip.

Snow Surrounding A Beautiful Lake
Rainbow Over One Of The Many Small Towns We Passed Through

One final night in Oslo later, we were boarding a Turkish Airlines 737 to our next destination, Istanbul.

NEXT – Part 5: Turkey – Exploring Istanbul


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