Part 1: Getting To The Seychelles Via Dubai

Intro – An African Safari With A Little Seychelles Sprinkled In
Part 1: Getting To The Seychelles Via Dubai
Part 2: A Soggy Stopover In Dubai
Part 3: Stunning Seychelles – Praslin And La Digue
Part 4: Stunning Seychelles – Mahe Island
Part 5: Kilimanjaro Bound
Part 6: Tanzania – Beginning The Adventure At The Arusha Coffee Lodge
Part 7: Game Drives in Ngorongoro, Ndutu, Serengetti, Lake Manyara, And Tarangire

On every frequent flyer junkie’s aspirational flight list is the Emirates A380 first class suite.   The suites not only have sliding, close- able doors for ultimate privacy, but the first class cabin also has a shower in a humongous spa bathroom.  Sadly, I could not find first class space in the time frame I needed, so settled for business class instead. ( Hardly slumming it!)  All business and first class tickets come with private chauffer pick up service in most of the major hubs Emirates flies.  I would be eligible for a lift from my house to LAX, and then would be taken to my hotel in Dubai, and 2 nights later picked up for my onward flight to Mahe.

My Emirates Chauffeur, Jim

My super friendly chauffeur arrived on time, and deposited me at LAX efficiently and professionally, where I had access to the Sky Team lounge in the TBIT.  The lounge is new, and a big improvement over the old one.  Though nothing special.

Brand New Skyteam Lounge At TBIT

Soon it was time to board, and I made my way to the massive super jumbo, where F and J passengers were invited to head upstairs to the upper deck to find their seats.  The flight would be an incredible 15 hours and 45 minutes, so I was excited to find a super comfy looking seat waiting for me.  In addition, the middle seat across the aisle was empty, and thankfully so because my AV system was not working.

Business Class Seat On The A380

The FAs circulated with pre-departure drinks, and after a short delay, the captain announced a 15 hour 45 minute flight time to Dubai.  By far the longest flight I’d ever been on!

Pre Departure Drinks

After take off, I discovered my video system wasn’t working and shifted to a middle seat.  This enabled me to have a bed (my original assigned seat) and also a seat to lounge and dine.  My dinner order was taken shortly after take off and I settled in.  After watching all other pax get served their meals, I realized they had forgotten mine.  This would be the first of the sub-standard service throughout the flight.

My Delayed Dinner

The cabin was pretty full, and I would later discover, full of J. Lo dancers, singers and other support staff as she had a concert a couple of days later in Dubai.  Probably in part why the service was sub par this trip.   Most of the socializing took place in the on board lounge, so the cabin remained fairly peaceful.  However the FAs were quite obviously smitten, and joined them for a good portion of the journey, likely resulting in a less than perfect on board experience for the rest of the passengers.

On Board Lounge

Even so, the flight on the super sexy A380 was certainly comfortable, and before I knew it we were landing in Dubai.

NEXT – Part 2:  A Soggy Stopover In Dubai


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