Part 5: Kilimanjaro Bound

Intro – An African Safari With A Little Seychelles Sprinkled In
Part 1: Getting To The Seychelles Via Dubai
Part 2: A Soggy Stopover In Dubai
Part 3: Stunning Seychelles – Praslin And La Digue
Part 4: Stunning Seychelles – Mahe Island
Part 5: Kilimanjaro Bound
Part 6: Tanzania – Beginning The Adventure At The Arusha Coffee Lodge
Part 7: Game Drives in Ngorongoro, Ndutu, Serengetti, Lake Manyara, And Tarangire

After a taxi ride back to Seychelles Int’l Airport, I made my way to the check in counter to pick up my boarding pass for the 2 hour Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi.  I would be flying this journey with no status or lounge access, frightening enough to compel me to inquire about a paid upgrade.  Indeed, the J class cabin was empty, and for $200 a seat in the empty cabin was mine.

My Ride To NBO

I decided I could white knuckle it for the 2 hours in coach and 45 minute layover in Nairobi and despite a packed cabin, I indeed survived.

Approaching Coach

The seats weren’t bad at all and we were even served a pretty tasty meal for the short ride.

Meal Service On Kenya Airways In Coach

Our ride was smooth, but just in case….

Kenya Airways Air Sick Bag

Before I knew it, we were landing in at Nairobi International Airport.  We stopped at a remote stand, so had to be bussed to the terminal, not exactly the most modern airport I’d ever experienced.

The Sideways Climb Up To The Terminal

Nonetheless, it was a short layover with just enough time to check email and twitter, and soon I was boarding another bus which would take me to my Precision Air regional jet for the quick ride to Kilimanjaro.


The plane was nearly empty, and before I knew it we were flying almost right over Mount Kilimanjaro, just as the sun was setting.

Mount Kilimanjaro On Approach To JRO

After completing customs formalities, including paying a $100 single entry visa on arrival fee, I made my way to the lobby where my ride was waiting to transport me to Arusha and the start of my long awaited safari.

NEXT – Part 6: Tanzania – Beginning The Adventure At The Arusha Coffee Lodge


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