Part 1: Luxurious Layovers – The Amex Centurion Lounge And Lufthansa First Class Terminal


Intro: Two New European Cities And The Hamburg Do
Part 1: Luxurious Layovers – The Amex Centurion Lounge And Lufthansa First Class Terminal
Part 2: Springtime In Amsterdam
Part 3: The Hamburg Do
Part 4: Dublin And The Ride Home

Limited domestic award space necessitated an overnight in Dallas, so I booked a paid night at the Hilton Doubletree to take advantage of a double points promo.  A non functioning phone, pass on breakfast, missing cookie at check in, diamond level points amenity, and 12X from putting the charge on my Hilton Surpass Amex, made the points haul to cost ratio pretty good!


I arrived at the airport early the next morning and headed to the Amex Centurion lounge.  Within the lounge there is an Exhale Spa, in which guests can book complimentary 20 minute treatments.  It was early, so space was wide open.  I made an appointment for a neck and shoulder massage after breakfast, though facials and manicures were also available.

Centurion Lounge Food Spread
Dining Area

The food options are probably the best you’ll find in the airport, focusing on southwestern fare with a bit of a spicy kick.  After breakfast and my massage, I set out to do a bit of airport exploring.  Though not before booking a second massage for a couple hours later!

Lufthansa has a contracted lounge at DFW, but it’s pretty pathetic, with limited space and a small side room for first class passengers,  There wasn’t a lounge receptionist or agent when I was there so it was really just a free for all for everyone.

Entrance To Lufthansa Lounge
Food Spread In Lufthansa First Class Lounge At DFW

I didn’t stay long, nor did I seek out any other Star Alliance lounges.  I was more than happy to get back to the super nice Centurion lounge for another massage and a few more snacks before departure.

The Airbus Taking Me To Frankfurt

I wouldn’t be taking one of the ‘good’ planes this trip, but an older Airbus 330.  Sadly the plane also still hadn’t been updated with the new interior and seats.

Old Style Seats In First

Soon champagne, pajamas and amenity kits were being distributed.  It was an afternoon flight, so I didn’t bother to change, nor did I accept the offer for turn down service later in the flight.


I did accept the meal service, and after a caviar starter, went with the steak dinner, followed by some English breakfast tea.

Steak Dinner
Tea Service

After dinner was cleared,  I settled in for the remaining hours of the flight.  The AVOD options were ok, but the video screen was minuscule.

Tiny Video Monitor With Limited Programmings

Even so, the top notch service and friendliness of the FAs throughout the flight was as usual, spectacular.  Just before landing a light breakfast was served though I declined in favor of waiting to eat in the luxe first class terminal sit down restaurant.

Once we landed in Frankfurt.  I wasted no time getting through immigration, and over to the first class terminal.   It can be a bit tricky finding the way to the terminal.  There are no signs, and the majority of Lufthansa agents aren’t even aware of its existence.  But having been there two other times, it didn’t take me long, about ten minutes.


I was greeted in the lobby by my personal assistant who took my boarding pass and helped me through the private security screening.   After a warm shower and change of clothes, I planted in the super comfy massage lounge chairs to await my onward flight three hours later to Amsterdam.


There are enough food options and snacks to tempt even the most satiated guest, including a full service, sit down restaurant.  After a delicious breakfast, I tried to stick with just drinking tea, but couldn’t resist a few trips to the Candy Bar!


No visit to the first class terminal is complete without collecting a special FCT rubber duckie.  Sadly they were out when I was there, though I later received a special Easter duck in the mail!

Display In FCT Showcasing Collectible Custom Duckies

I’ve written about my other visits to the first class terminal here and here.  I confess, it never gets old.

Three hours in this mythical place goes by very fast, and it was soon time for the private tarmac ride to my onward flight.  I  requested the Porsche for the journey this time.

My Ride To The Plane
Cruising Around On The FRA Tarmac

My driver was as much of an aviation geek as me so did not hesitate when I asked if we could circle the airport a couple of times before he dropped me off.

And Eventually To My Onward Flight To Amsterdam

After an escort up the private stairs and to my seat, I was on my way to Amsterdam.

NEXT – Springtime In Amsterdam


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