Part 3: The Hamburg Do

Intro: Two New European Cities And The Hamburg Do
Part 1: Luxurious Layovers – The Amex Centurion Lounge And Lufthansa First Class Terminal
Part 2: Springtime In Amsterdam
Part 3: The Hamburg Do
Part 4: Dublin And The Ride Home

The Park Hyatt Hamburg is located just up the street from the Central train station, though with the late arrival of my plane, it was after midnight by the time I arrived.  And very dark.  After a bit of wandering around and a little help from google maps, I finally made it.

Park Hyatt Hamburg Back Entrance

The location of the property is excellent, within a mall, and right in the central shopping district, Mönckebergstrasse.  My room was as spacious and luxurious as you’d expect from a Park Hyatt, though with the packed weekend schedule I didn’t get much time to enjoy it!

Park Hyatt Hamburg Lobby
Spacious Bedroom
park-hyatt-hamburg br
Large Bath

Since many do attendees were staying at the Hyatt, our bus was scheduled to pick us up out front early the next morning.  I had been to Boeing in Seattle a few times, but never Airbus.  It was a big day.

The Bus Full Of AV Geeks En Route To Airbus

Even though Airbus is a French company, the Hamburg facility is where final components are assembled, and customers take delivery of their shiny new planes.

Main Airbus Entrance

We were all required to go through security, and after check in was complete,  boarded a bus to the hangars where workers assembled the planes.  We were not allowed to take any pictures, and sadly the new a350 was in Seattle undergoing testing but I did see a lot of beautiful a380s being assembled.  As we were leaving, a Beluga had just arrived with parts for the massive jumbos!

Special Beluga Tranport Plane

On the agenda for the following morning’s was a visit to Lufthansa Technik.  I’ll admit, I was mostly in it for the Airbus tour, but this was an equally amazing part of the experience.  An official description of the six business units from their website:

Product Divisions

Lufthansa Technik is the leading manufacturer independent provider of maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft. With tailored maintenance programs and state-of-the-art repair methods, Lufthansa Technik ensures the unbroken reliability and availability of its customers’ fleets. Lufthansa Technik is an internationally licensed maintenance, production and development organization. The six business units of Lufthansa Technik (Maintenance, Overhaul, Component Services, Engine Services, VIP Services and Landing Gear Services) serve about 750 customers worldwide.


In layman’s terms, it’s a place where planes go to have regularly sanctioned maintenance overhauls, repairs, upgrades, and most interestingly, where wealthy private customers bring their jets to be fitted with custom interiors.  I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but there were several privately owned 747s in a hangar being fitted with custom living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, and any other luxurious amenities your brain can imagine.  Except swimming pools and hot tubs, which we learned, are no longer allowed!


After a fabulous weekend full of new friends, conversations, airplanes and geeking out in the most enjoyable way, it was time to move on to Dublin.  The next morning I took the ultra efficient German airport train back to the HAM airport, and boarded my SAS two segment paid flight to DUB.

NEXT – Dublin And The Ride Home



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